About Us

When we set out to create a new property management group, we asked ourselves, what is our mission? The more we discussed our vision of customer service and property management, along with changes in travel, we realized that our primary mission is and will always be “Your Vacation.”

What’s our mission ?

Your Vacation

If our mission starts and ends with vacations, then it was clear that our focus needed to be reflected in our brand. Offering our guests, a trusted property management brand with diversified lodging options to choose from on their travels will always be our priority. With our back yard being Sarasota, it seemed obvious to start here, and Your Vacation was born. 

Over the last four years, we’ve established three hospitality companies within the Your Vacation brand, in two separate destinations – Siesta Key and Lido Key, Florida. These three companies have been designed around your vacation and our focus of offering quality and diversified accommodations in picturesque locations while offering superior customer service to our guests throughout the entire travel process. 

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These three companies are Tropical Breeze Resort, Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties, and Lido Key Vacations. Each of these companies is independent of each other and they offer unique and diverse options, accommodations, amenities and more so that our guests can easily tailor their vacation to their specific needs. While each of these companies is unique and different from one another, they are all comprised of wonderful team members that share a vision and focus on ensuring that your vacation is perfect. 

While we continue to learn from our customers and improve these established companies each day, we are also working towards growth into new destinations. We know that Your Vacation is something that needs to be special, diverse, memorable, and something you can share with your friends and family forever. Our goal is to be able to provide that to you, in every destination that we are in. We are excited about the future and what’s next!

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