Social Media Influencer Policy

Influencer Partnership Requirements

If you wish to approach our company as a brand ambassador or influencer, we ask that you review the following information before reaching out to discuss a social media partnership. 

Specializing in luxury vacation rentals in multiple destinations, we seek to partner with brands/individuals that fall into travel and lifestyle categories. These brands/individuals must have a following that would genuinely consider booking a trip with our company. These potential guests are usually large families or groups of adults looking for an exceptional vacation experience in high-end boutique homes.

The content created and posted in partnership with our company should reflect the laid-back luxury of both our vacation rentals and the area. 

Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties
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Our Brand Requirements

All influencers must post accurate information about our vacation rentals, services, and destinations in a way that reflects our brand’s values and morals.

All photography, videos, and other content generated by the influencer and/or team of content creators must be available for our brand’s additional marketing efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. All rights to the content created, allowing YourVacations and its subsidiaries to use the media (photos or videos) on additional marketing channels, brands, articles, without legal obligation to provide photo credit or attribute the photo. Appropriate attribution of media will be included as we see fit. 

All social media posts must include links to our branded account/website and must include the pre-determined hashtags for our business. These will be specified and provided to the influencer along with more detailed requirements later on, but example would be:

Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties

Siesta Key Luxury Rental Properties




Additional requests and requirements for media produced in partnership with our brands may be a stipulation of our agreement, but these will be discussed in more detail with the influencer later on.

Legal Requirements

All influencer posts must meet the FDA regulations for sponsored social media posts as well as the individual channel influencer marketing guidelines such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

All social media posts must prominently include one or more of the following hashtags to meet FDA compliance legally:





The partnering influencer must include wording such as, “Thanks to [company name] for the sponsorship/free product” to meet regulations on social media sponsored posts.

All disclosures of paid partnerships or free stays must appear towards the beginning of the post to meet FTC and FDA regulations. If you are unfamiliar with all social media influencer regulations, we request that you review all the terms and conditions. 

Contact Us

We value each influencer’s style and creativity and hope to hear from you.

If you believe that you can provide valuable content for our company and that our brand aligns with yours and your audience’s interests, please fill out the form below. We ask that you include links to all social media accounts and blogs along with a demographics and interests/affinities analysis of your audience. Your ideas and suggestions for posts and content are appreciated and will significantly increase our consideration of your work.

  • Please share links to all of your channels and accounts along with the number of followers on each channel/account.
  • Please tell us more about your followers including demographics info and affinities categories.
    Please select which of our brands you are interested in working with as a social media influencer.
  • Please describe your ideas about partnering with us and what types of posts and content you would like to create.